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Enjoying the Summer & Updating Sites

It's been around 4 weeks since the kids finished school, somehow I've managed to keep on top of work whilst also thoroughly enjoying the summer time with the kids. This year, I've been the one at home with the kids as my Wife, Lucie, has been busy with her new cleaning business. It's been so nice to spend the time with the kids, they aren't kids for long enough!

Anyway, on to more important news! 2 new projects that I'm really pleased with (new site design for My Driving School and a new website for Border Carpets & Blinds) are almost complete and live, just going over final changes before flipping the switch!

Began 2 new projects that I'm really excited to be working on. The first is a new website design for Mainston House B&B in Seahouses, as there is a new owner. The second is a brand new site design for McCreath & Son Used Car Sales. Nick is in need a slightly more modern and sharp design but more importantly a more feature packed and compatible with the latest mobile technologies as his current site is a rather outdated mobile compatability.

Don't forget how important it is to keep updating your website! I've been doing a lot updates to customer websites recently and this is something we encourage and even remind clients to do. The reason for this is not only to make sure that all your contact and important details are correct but also because search engines love this and it creates more 'brand awareness/visibility'. Basically free advertising and when search engines see a popular and updated website, they show more potential customers your business.